Marc Seyro

The Sage of Lightning


Marc Seyro is the Sage of Lightning and a recurring enemy of the Enforcement. Three years before the start of the campaign Seyro was arrested for a number of murders, his victims including enforcement agents and civilians. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, and barely saved from the death penalty. About 8 months before the campaign started Melchior broke him out of jail and recruited Seyro to work for him. Not given much option Seyro agreed, and was put to work releasing seals on the Great Elemental Spirits across various dimensions.

In Game Events
Seyro crossed paths with Hedeki and Sigfried in the first session when he released a seal in Hedeki’s hometown of Hansvale. He was able to defeat both of them, but made a quick retreat when his unsealing machine finished its task, fearing being caught by the Enforcement once again.

Seyro encountered Hedeki and Sigfried a second time in FOREST NAME HERE, when he fought the two of them and Taisen. Seyro had the advantage against the trio, but with some help from Candice and Titus, the group was able to escape Seyro and achieve their true goal of retrieving the unsealing machine.

In the finale of season 1, Seyro returned to Hansvale to kidnap Candice, with a team of assassins in tow. Using a side effect of the unsealing machine, he caused the civilians to fall unconscious and targeted ADAHR, who was protecting Candice at the time. ADAHR’s weakness to electric chi made the fight quick, but Hedeki stepped in to protect Candice. Seyro seemed to have the upper hand through most of the fight, but when Hedeki got serious he defeated the Sage of Lightning in one attack. Though Melchior showed up to complete Seyro’s job of taking Candice, he allowed Hedeki to take Seyro into custody.

The enforcement tried to get useful information about Melchior out of Seyro while holding him but he made every effort to hinder them. Suspecting this, Hedeki chose to interrogate him to confirm his suspicions about the reincarnated sages instead of trying to gain any new information. As the one month deadline that Melchior gave Hedeki approached, Seyro was transferred to a maximum security desert prison. Due to Taisen’s fight with Jodan and the heightened security at the prison, the breakout forces had a considerably harder time than they expected. The prison, however, was not prepared to deal with the tanks that the attackers brought, and Seyro was able to escape.

Seyro is a sadistic person who enjoys making other people suffer and doesn’t care about anyone other than himself. Everything he does is leading towards inflicting pain on someone, no matter how far off. Though he works with Melchior he makes no secret that he hates the older sage and would kill him if he had the opportunity and power to do so. Seyro hates to admit defeat in any situation, and will often continue to act like he’s in control even when there is no doubt that he isn’t.

Marc Seyro

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