The Sage of Light


Melchior is the reincarnation of the legendary Sage of Light, and the main antagonist of the campaign. He is an enigmatic character whose history remains completely unknown. The first known appearance of Melchior is when he and Jodan broke Seyro and a number of powerless criminals out of prison, killing all of the guards in the process.

In Game Appearances

Melchior made his first appearance in the season 1 finale. After Hedeki had successfully defeated Seyro, Melchior showed up to take Candice himself. Hedeki tried to resist but the aura of Melchiors chi left him paralyzed and unable to do anything. Before leaving, Melchior mysteriously stated that Hedeki was “someone like him”, and informed him that he would return to break Seyro out of Enforcement custody in a months time. Then he took the unconscious Candice and left through a gate he created using The Boots.

Near the end of the second season Melchior met with Taisen in to ask for help getting to the elemental plane. Going to Melchiors dimension, Taisen discovered that he had the support of a full city, including a large army, behind him. The sage told Taisen that he and the other sages were going to unseal the Great Elemental Spirits of legend and use their power to reshape the world, starting with the destruction of the Enforcement. Not having access to the elemental plane where they are sealed, Melchior offered Taisen a place for the people of Keyari in his kingdom if Taisen would help him. Unsure of how to react, Taisen asked for time to think, and Melchior happily offered him a week, which he claimed would line up with the month deadline he gave Hedeki, despite being only 20 days.

In the season 2 finale, Melchior faced off against Hedeki. While the sage originally didn’t want to fight Hedeki, he claimed it is the only way he knew to release Hedekis true form that made the two of them alike. Melchior easily overpowered Hedeki by revealing his Savior Mode, and would have killed Hedeki had the young agent’s own savior mode not saved him. Unexpectedly, however, Hedeki’s Savior Mode turned out to be much stronger than Melchior’s and he easily defeated him in combat. He didn’t seem too upset about his defeat, however, instead he tried to convince Hedeki that the two of them were the next evolution of humanity, and that they should work together to reshape the world. Hedeki refused the offer, as well as Melchior’s beliefs to the sages beliefs, and the two parted ways with Melchior claiming he would not give up his goals because of this defeat.

Melchior sees himself as a hero overthrowing the corrupt power of the enforcement to restore the world to its natural state. He shows a legitimate desire to improve the world and feels that the only way to do this is to have it ruled by the sages. Melchior has shown that he isn’t against unheroic actions if that is what is required, such as when he kidnapped Candice or tried to kill Hedeki to trigger Savior Mode.


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