Prime Agent Austin


Prime Agent Byron Austin is the Enforcement agent that discovered Hedeki in the sleeper world. Austin is a serious man who enjoys his position of authority. He frequently overworks the agents under him, particularly his three aides, Sheltert, Vin and Ena.

3 years before the events of the game, Austin (a Special Agent at the time) caught serial killer Marc Seyro, earning himself a lot of fame among ranking Enforcement agents. While chasing Seyro, many of the agents under Austin’s command became victims of the killer, causing Austin to question his leadership abilities. Because of this, he turned down a greater promotion and instead requested the rank of Supervisory Agent, and a position at an out of the way base where he expected to see little action. For some time he was content with this position, but eventually his ambition grew once again. When Seyro escaped, Archagent Olsen went to Austin with the case, whoa accepted it with the goal of getting the promotion he previously passed up.

In Game Events

When Seyro appeared in the sleeper world town of Hansvale, Austin was unable to capture him due to the unsealing machine, but he did discover Hedeki and Sigfried. Seeing that the two of them were unaffected by the dense chi that Seyro’s machine spread into the air, he recruited the two of them help him. A few months later he also encountered Taisen, who he recruited him as well, and Candice, who he placed in the sleeper world with Hedeki for her protection. When Seyro was recaptured, Austin took credit for the successful operation and for recruiting Hedeki (who did the real work), and received a large promotion to Prime Agent.

When a large task force was created to track down Meclhior, Austin was put in charge due to his success with Seyro. Ultimately the lack of leads resulted in the task force not proving to be successful, with the exception of some leads that Hedeki discovered.

Prime Agent Austin

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