Chen Lao

The Sage of Wind


Chen Lao is an old friend and rival of Taisens, and the sage of wind. Chen and Taisen trained together as children under Master Yamamoto in Hanoka Village. The two had a close rivalry, but Chen always seemed to be slightly stronger than Taisen. When Taisen left the temple to train elsewhere Chen chose to stay behind and train students in Hanoka. When Kazuko attacked the village Chen witnessed her kill Master Yamamoto and swore revenge on her. The meeting also awakened the sage spirits within him, causing him to flee and train in an unknown location to control the sage powers.

In Game Appearances
Taisen encountered Chen for the first time in years when they came up against each other in the finals of a tournament at the Coliseum of Stone. While Taisen was able to hold his own with his new Hellion form, Chen’s newly increased mastery over wind allowed him to emerge the winner of the fight. The day after the tournament, Chen found Taisen once again to ask for assistance. After the tournament he had met with the other sages who told him about their plan to retrieve the Great Elemental Spirits, and their need of some way into the elemental plane. Though apprehensive, Taisen agreed to go with Chen to meet with Melchior. When Taisen left to think it over, his friend stayed behind. After Hedeki awoke his sage powers he confronted Chen to question his motives. Chen stated angrily that he was going along with Melchior’s plan out of a deep desire for the Spirit of Wind. Even if he had to work with his enemy, the Sage of Fire, he would do so and take his revenge once he had control of the spirit. Accepting this answer for know, Hedeki left Chen in Melchior’s kingdom with the rest of the sages.

Chen is friendly and open with people, but very dedicated to his training and the Claw way of life. He strives to live by the philosophies taught to him by Master Yamamoto and always wants to get stronger, even if it is just for it’s own sake. Although he is dedicated to his quest to get revenge on Kazuko for killing his master, he also seems to be determines to gain the powers of the Spirit of Wind. With the two goals conflicting he appears to have put his personal power first, deciding that he can take revenge once he has the spirit under his control.

Chen Lao

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